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Ambassadors of Hope

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Ambassadors of Hope

Sharing our message of support, education and hope, our Ambassadors of Hope are community advocates. This special group helps to build a nest egg and then direct the funds they donate to a particular program or project at the Cancer Support Community.

Karen Achey

Shirley Biggar

Llyena Boylan

Peggy Brown

Gretchen Campbell

Marilyn Claire

Jan Connell

Maureen Cort

Jill Crosson

Tony DaRe

Nicole Evans

Kelly Filchner

Andrea Foucek

Susan Gadomski

Susan Gumz

Susan Haytmanek

Brian Hersh

Renee Klaperman

Kirk Kozero

Valerie Lane

Susan McNamara

Lori Neidlinger

Brad Patt

Don Patt

Doug Patt

Erin Pipech

Laura Quarmley

Kathleen Waterbury Reilly

Heather Rodale

Ashley Russo

Cindy Sadler

Judy Savchak

Pearl Schmier

Laurie Stewart

Mary Frances Stone

Loretta Tubiello-Harr

Jennifer Vandevoorde

Chrissie Wagner

Kathy Weil