Notes of Hope for January

Josh’s Story

"This past year has had so much violence reported that I was relieved to see that a lot of good people are willing to help each other out." ~ Josh Dylan Katrick

Maybe you know Josh Dylan Katrick from CNN's profile. Maybe you read about him in the Morning Call. Or maybe you just heard about him on social--as the guy who won a year's worth of pizza which he then donated to a food bank.

What kind of guy is Josh Katrick? Not just an uncommonly generous man, but also a 36-year-old cancer survivor who was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer last year. Josh’s story continues here.

Really, Really Relevant
Time-Delayed Eating Leads to Better Choices

Notes from the Program Director
Being informed helps you be a true teammate in your healthcare. Our featured programs this month educate, and therefore empower, two groups needing extra attention--survivors with lymphedema and families affected by pediatric cancer.

At our monthly lymphedema support group, guest speaker Certified Lymphedema Therapist Susan Reagan, PT, MS, CLT, reviews techniques to reduce lymphedema swelling, insurance coverage, and more: March 8, 11 am

If you're looking for an exercise to reduce lymphedema, try this.

Cooking for Kids with Cancer is a fun, lively hands-on demonstration by author/chef Ryan Callahan: March 25, 10:30

Don't forget to register.

Help your friends by spreading the word about these programs. We're proud to host skilled professionals as speakers; local organizations as collaborators; and motivated participants. That's how we build a strong support network together.

Jen Sinclair, program director


Hello from the Exec Director
The action, the drama, the madness--there's nothing like the NCAA Division I Basketball Championship.  

I know basketball well. Growing up I played it a lot, and each year loved it more. Of course, back then, I wouldn't know how critical it would be for me as an adult. I wouldn't know I would get cancer and need to draw on the inner resources that I learned from basketball.

First, I learned the skills to set the foundation. As I grew, I developed these skills and grasped the concept of the game. I became part of a team, creating an incredible bond with others who had the same passion for the game. Together, we met both successes and losses, which taught me sportsmanship and fortitude.

I learned to trust my coach. But, most of all, I developed strength of mind and body. Basketball is a long season and I had to find that determination to finish strong. I am certain I would not be the person I am today if it were not for basketball.

Sports may not be your niche but we all have something inside of us that helps pull success out of a looming defeat. Whatever you are facing today, find your passion, find the courage, and dig deep for the determination to get you through it.

The Cancer Support Community can help you do that.

Amanda Buss, executive director

Working Out
Most studies show exercise reduces the incidence of many cancers, and, after diagnosis, may improve survivorship and quality of life. For more: National Cancer Institute

Before you start exercising, make sure your healthcare provider gives you medical clearance. Once you have received clearance, design a plan that you enjoy and won't cause an injury or aggravate an old one.

Yoga Exercises Target Lymphedema.
A little lymphedema background so you know
what we're talking about.

Since cancer survivors may develop lymphedema through lymph node removal or radiation treatment, addressing this potential issue is important. Because our lymphatic system relies on our breathing and muscles to move the fluid through our body, this exercise from the Revitalizing Health with Lymphatic Yoga program is helpful. You see, when you breathe slowly and deeply you give your body more oxygen to help move lymph fluid more efficiently.

Courtesy of Helaine Young, Registered Yoga Teacher

Dishing It Out
Eating right before, during, and after cancer treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger. For more: National Cancer Institute

March recipes from Prevention Magazine.
This is National Nutrition Month which means (to us, anyway), that foods should be both healthy and delicious. These are.

Mediterranean Chicken and Orzo

Home-style Lemon Pudding Cake

Did You See This?
Links to important news about cancer.

Colon and Rectal Cancers Rising in Young People (New York Times 02/28/17)

The Power of Negative Thinking (New York Times 08/05/12)

Getting By
Tips from other survivors and healthcare professionals to make your journey easier.

Need to improve your appetite?
Drink root beer.

Caring for someone? Read this: Loving, Supporting, and Caring for the Cancer Patient: A Guide to Communication, Compassion, and Courage by Stan Goldberg. Thanks to the caregiver who offered this tip.

Have a tip? Let us know.

On the Lookout
What's coming up.

Ain't Just Bingo
SOON! April 2, 1 pm (CSC office). Catwalk includes LuLaRoe, Mary Kay, Lipsense, Pure Romance

Talk about multi-tasking: register for the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community-June 3. You walk and raise money for the Cancer Support Community. (Plus, we're sure you need a new tie-dye tee-shirt; walkers get to create their own.)

The Boutique at the Rink Volunteer Meeting will be held Wednesday, April 5 at 2:30 or 6:30 pm at the United Wesley Methodist Church, 2540 Center Street, Bethlehem. Invite your friends to join you and be a part of this wonderful community event!

Consider these conferences:

Advances in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer-April 3, 1:30-2:30 (webcast or phone)

Thriving Together: 2017 Conference on Metastatic Breast Cancer-April 28-30 (Philadelphia).

Cancer Con 2017-April 27-30 (Denver). Funded by Stupid Cancer in 2008, Cancer Con unites patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates and leading health experts to drive global change.

Helping Out
Will you lend a hand?

-Make it a slam dunk in our March Madness. Vote for the winning basketball team. and you'll win some money and donate to us. Simultaneously. All good.

-Click here to sponsor a runner on the Strides for Hope team-The 25 runners and walkers have a mighty goal: raising $20,000 before the St. Luke's Half Marathon & 5K on April 23.

-Top of our Wish List: 6'-long tables (11 of 'em)

Hanging Out
What to read, what to do, or what to craft when you're thinking about Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

We love

-reading The Alchemist (mystical story of an Andalusian shepherd boy who searches for treasure—and finds much more.) Thanks to Deb Post, CSC staff, for the tip.

-watching Call the Midwife (hours and hours of 1960s' British midwives)

-crafting Paper Shamrocks (think: easy, fun St. Patrick's Day craft—even for kids)

Have a tip? Let us know.

Foundation & Corporate Supporters—thank you for helping us complete our mission:

to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. We help people affected by cancer actively engage in their health care, connect with others, reduce stress and isolation, and restore hope for a better quality of life.

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