Notes of Hope for June

Take a breath--and acknowledge

World Lung Cancer Day: August 1

Lynne's Story

"After cancer, I realized that the things that used to get me down didn't matter anymore… And they don't seem to happen to me anymore, either." ~ Lynne Rush


Angella Carney and Lynne Rush

It was so out of character for this athletic, strong woman—a former middle school basketball, soccer, and softball coach—to fall. And yet, she did, smacking her left side and breast onto the ground. Oh well, she thought, the soreness would pass. It’s a bruise.

But it didn’t, and this woman, who was a physically tough person who knew her body well, also knew that something was the matter. Her left breast should no longer be painful weeks after a fall. Her doctor sent her in for a mammogram. Just to see.

She told the physician’s assistant that her aunt, cousin, grandmother, and older sister had had breast cancer, and that she, herself, had yearly mammograms. Just to see what was going on. The P.A. concluded that, given Lynne’s history, she should have ultrasounds of both breasts performed. The doctors spotted an area that concerned them.

Lynne’s story continues here.

Really, Really Relevant

The Cost of Not Taking Your Medicine (The New York Times, 4/17/17)

Notes from the Program Director
Ten years ago, one of my caregiver support group members walked up the steps in the old farmhouse to ask if he could practice his Wings of Hope speech for the staff. We listened to the beautiful tribute he wrote in memory of his wife, in which he also mentioned how beneficial support groups had been for them both.

He was so hesitant to join the groups at first, focusing less on himself and more on what his wife needed at the time.  But after a warm welcome from the group, he found a way to cope through the changes and challenges of his wife’s diagnosis. He and his wife rarely missed a weekly meeting.

Like so many others over the years, survivors and caregivers tell us that our weekly support groups have become just as important as their medical appointments. Support group members are committed to staying connected to one another. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others in an ongoing process of giving and receiving. If you or anyone you know is interested in being a part of this collective wisdom, call us to learn how you can get started in a support group. 

New to us and still not sure? Come to our 10th-anniversary Wings of Hope event to see and feel what we are all about. 

Jen Sinclair, program director


Hello from the Exec Director
I'm hard-pressed to explain exactly why Wings of Hope--just four weeks away--is my most favorite event in the Lehigh Valley.

It's not just watching hundreds of Monarchs take to the sky; wandering among the billowing curtains covered with colorful paper butterflies bearing the names of loved ones we support or remember; smiling as kids gallivant about, their faces painted like butterflies; soaking up the music and eating the carnival food.

It's more. Wings of Hope is, somehow, a magical, mystical experience. 

Many believe that butterflies symbolize spirit, freedom, and beauty as they take flight. Is that why the day feels so special to us all--because the vital connection between butterflies and nature helps us feel that peace and harmony are truly around us?

I dunno what makes this event so extraordinary, and I won’t think too hard about it. I'm just going to let myself bask in the magic for one brief morning.

I hope you will join us, and create your own experience by purchasing and pinning a paper butterfly (just $10) to a curtain to honor or remember someone you love, or buying a real butterfly ($50) and gasping as it flies upwards beyond the trees.

Amanda Buss, executive director

Hey, volunteers…
Got some time for us?  

Our webpage lists tasks we need help with--like office work, calendar delivery & health fairs.

Or, you can contact Deb Post or all 610-861-7555, ext. 39.

Laughing Out Loud
No kidding.

Hello, My Name is Cancer is an adult coloring book (wry, runny, rueful)

Dishing It Out
Eating right before, during, and after cancer treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger. For more: National Cancer Institute

August recipes from Prevention Magazine
Picture these—and you—at a wooden picnic table.

Spicy Blue Chicken with Corn Salad

Deviled Red Potatoes

Did You See This?
Links to important news about cancer.

F.D.A. recommends approving first gene-altering leukemia treatment (The Boston Globe 7/12/17)

Do egg donors face long-term cancer risk? (The New York Times, 7/10/17)

Specifically, why is the Mediterranean Diet good for colorectal health? (Science Daily 6/17/17)

Getting By
Tips from other survivors and healthcare professionals to make your journey easier.

An encouraging reminder from a 39-year-old breast cancer survivor we know

Mouth sores? Try

-Brushing your teeth for 90 seconds twice a day with a soft brush

-Skipping alcohol, tobacco, spicy and acidic foods

-Rinsing four times daily with a water, baking soda and salt mouthwash

Have a tip? Let us know.

On the Lookout
What's coming up.

Mythical, mysterious butterflies make you believe in fairies! Bring the family to Wings of Hope-Sept. 9, 10:30-noon (Butterfly Garden, Cedar Crest College, Cedar Crest Blvd., Allentown)

Bikers, got a 1-kicker? Join RIDE FOR HOPE, a motorcycle benefit-Sept. 30, 9:30 (Bicentennial Park, Bethlehem) 

What Was.

We signed the pink firetruck with little notes to support or remember dear ones. The Pink Heals Tour raised $1,000 for us a couple weeks ago at Taps Tavern (nice going, friends).

Helping Out
Will you lend a hand?
Buy a butterfly in memory or in honor of someone you love and respect. You’ll pay tribute to someone who matters, and help the Cancer Support Community maintain its free support and education programs.

Working Out
Most studies show exercise reduces the incidence of many cancers, and, after diagnosis, may improve survivorship and quality of life. For more: National Cancer Institute

Before you start exercising, make sure your healthcare provider gives you medical clearance. Once you have received clearance, design a plan that you enjoy and won’t cause an injury or aggravate an old one.

Here’s a surprise: Take a hot bath before working out in hot weather (The New York Times, 6/4/17)

Improve hand circulation: from “bud” to “fully bloomed lotus”

Mudra (hand gestures and positions) are easy to perform anytime, although sitting and focusing on healing may be more helpful in creating minute changes in your body and triggering certain healing processes. Thanks to Tahya, Danse Orientale instructor.

Hanging Out
What to watch, read, and craft

We love

-watching Okja (sweet, funny, scary, sad, thought-provoking tale of a girl and her giant mutant pig)

-reading John Grisham’s Camino Island (gang of thieves, daring heist, undercover heroine—you’ll read it straight through)

-crocheting roses to perk up your knitted sweaters

Have a tip? Let us know.

Foundation & Corporate Supporters—thank you for helping us complete our mission:

to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. We help people affected by cancer actively engage in their health care, connect with others, reduce stress and isolation, and restore hope for a better quality of life.

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This list begins at the $1,000 support level.